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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  July 1, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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down, that being i saidt delivers intensity, i gave it 3.5 out of five compared to the five out of five for the first. uncle drew based on the famous pepsi max commercials where kiri irving takes title character as heri t to put together a team t compete i tournament and he's introduced to uncle drew, who put together old school team including characters played by other nba stars like reggie, and shaquille o'ill. this film entertained me and i thought it had great message.wh basketball films ias r i go to he got gamen or white can't jump to fame a few but i don't feel ts film is on the level of those movies but i did eoy
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it it' worth a matinee. i gave uncle drew a three out of five and those are the reviews this week, kevin fox news ♪ . ♪. the burger chain in and out isarildly p in the west coast. but if you're hoping any time soon out of luck, it refuses to sell frozen patties and that is why right now allf their locations are within throw hundred miles of the company's tty make facilities in california andey texas. say they're comtted to fresh food, and don't plan on expanding any time soon. iould love to see in and out in dc but i can appreciate that reasoning. >> hey. >> it's a good excuse >> they want to keep it fresh >> who wants frozen burgers >> but i d misst >> the news tonight is far from overly >> news at 11:00 starts tyw. a com comes together for the young girl who got s an elechock at mgm national harbor tonight her family is
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speaking out about tt tragic accident. plus look out d fors at wineries and moreecesses at schools, we'll tell you about the new state lows going into e >> and look out before you lock up your car. you never wvet to lea kids or pets in this owather. justck your vehicle can htonigh t, in calvert counta community com gtogether. showing strength and offerin prayers of hope. >> 6-year-old zynae green suffered an electrica shock after touching a railing at mgm national harbor tuesda she remains in critical n. conditio at her elementary school in friend showed up to support the family. evan lambert was there. >> reporter: people people wore greenhirts with message #team zynae on them. you can also see that same message here on the school's sign. zynae's uncle share o this
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pictf the 6-year-old with us today. she had just finished k der garden. t zynae's uncells fox 5 her family is praying for a miracle. last tuesday night, theld 6-year-o was with her family at thel mgm natharbor. family said she got an electric shock when she touched a metal railing near a decorat e fountain. she's been in the hospital e since. >> rough times right now. she's fighting for her's life. a child that's y always smiling, can see it in her pictur f. she jun to be around, loves to run, loves sports. just a beautiful t childhat i can't believe this would happen to us. youan never c stop god's will. we t god will bring her
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back. a spokesman released this statement on wednesday, the next day after the incident. horrible accident. is a and we are heart we off our support and prayers for the family, we're fully cooperating with prince george fire ems department to investigate the incident that occurred at an outdoor area of a resort, that area has been closed to the public while investigators and engineers conduct a comprehensive assessment of the situation. and asked that spokesman for mgm naional harbor is the are was still closed he said yes, h also saidhe t is no new information on why that railing became electrified. ti's allll under investigation. in prince frederick maryland, evan lambert, fox 5 local news. a scare today for passengers aboard a united airlines flight. th houston bound plane was taxing down the runway for attack-off when emergencyberews had called in because of smoke in the cabin. no one got hurt and the be
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passgers were on another plane to houston. united tells fox 5 tonight t incident didn't impact any other flights and the plane wasowed away. taking a live look outside now. you know when it's 82 degrees at 11:00 at night, it's been a hot day. >> that's a bad sign. ertainlyly and it's feeling like it out there have not let's i checkn with mike bennett to see just how long this heat will last. mike >> we got a few more days of i of the worst of it before we start f toally cool things off. maybet the end of th week or so. but the worst of it as far as how hott w get, how hot it will feel, llll, that's ay sill to come. tomorrow and tuesday end up being the hottest days thus far. today's 93, reagan, 93t dulles, 96t a bwi. we may tack onfo another ur,
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five degrees for high tempatures tomorrow, that's how much hotter it wilbe, temperatures right now, it's clearly not 93 in atures in low 80's in dc, 83 in liannapo 79 ine, balt 77 in gaithersburg, 76 in manassas, you factor in the humidityt and just makes it feel t allt much worse, 79 low tonight. warm and muggy, could be a couple spots that really just don't drop below that 80 degree mark for tonight, heat advisory in effect and as we head to tomorrow from noon to 8in0, limit anyd of outdoo activities if you can during that stretch of time. here's a look at ther,planne starting off t morning low 80's, noon, 93, by 4:00, 98, how long the worst of it will last and what the cool-down looks like coming up in the seven-day forecast just a bit. you said it we're in the midst of this major summer heat
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wave, temperatures soaring into triplenigits some areas. that intense heat is special daerous to younghildren and pets, fox 5 melissa howell has more on what parents and petdo owners should o keep their loved ones safe when thesete eratures rise. >>'r whene in your car, you might n think about how quickly your car can hea off, when you turns ac off and you get out and shut the door but t there's an aphat make sure you don't leave the kids in the car. 99 degrees outside caneel like 123 inside your vehicle within an >> just make su and make sure we that much time in the car ore get out. >> i can't imagine anario where you could forget your child in the back seat. never experienced it and at the same time, i've always been mindful of the care of my child. >> reporter: the national safety council said on average 37il chen die each year in the
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u.s.f as a result heat stroke. in 17, 42 children died. up from 39 the year before. the feature in the waze ap is meant to keep the little o safe when you're in the ap you go up to settndgs, then go down to general, and here you'll see child reminder. click on that, and turn it on. simple aitional precautions law enrcement officials say could help prevent thein kable. look before you lock when getting out and keep your keys theynsan't get ie the vehicle. for folks travel this holiday aaa is reminding drivers the sweltering heat could trigger vehicle breakdowns check batteries and tires and pack an emergency kit with plenty of water >> theev are des for your car st that would g off as an alert once you cut off the tr. it's another safety mechanism to help make surehat children aren't left in cars and
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to avoid heat stroke fatalities. melissa how old. man is under arrest after he made a terroristic threats from across from are the whitehouse, he threatened a person, they check outlet his back and determined he did not have anything dangerous. ha'srged with several crimes. terroristic threats and hate crimes. there are new laws and policies taking effect in virginia, maryland and the district. >>y 1st is the start of b udget year and the commonwealth allocated funding to expand government health inrance for about 400,000 low income. stay in virginia, people caught shoplifting will be chard with a felony unless they steal items worth five hundred dollars or more, old law t that level at 200
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the state made it easier for local school boards tohe increase t amount of time that ikids spen recess. and it's now easier to bring your dog do a winery or brewery in t state a new law allows dogs within designated areas. in maryland the minimum wage in the state now stands as $10.10 and it's 12. $.25 in monomery county for businesses with more than 51 n workers anothew law requiresac ters and staff at public schools to under go annual i training tontify child sexual abuse. teachers who pay out of patco for classrooms supplie can deduct upo $250 on their taxes. well, you can call it the decision 2.0, labron james made up mind where he'll be playing and he's once again breaking the hearts of cleveland fans, james sigd a new four ar deal to play for thes los an lakers worth more than
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$150 llion, thehird time in eight years,es changed up he left cleveland in 2010 to play for the miami heat. but then returned to the csn 2014 and led them to a championship in 2016 to very different reactions in california and ohio.e th red carpet has been rolle out in holiday. people are quite excited west coasters definitely happy hundreds fleeing homes a as firefighters work to get flames under control in northn california. the wind is not helping. a stalking spree at a young girl's bthday party. ♪ ♪ . ♪ .
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. a vigil is being planned for the nine people stabbed at a little girl'sth biry party at an apartment complex. six of theti nine vic are children. those victims include the birthday girl, some remain
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critically injured in a nces conf today, pehe chief said this case is one of the most traumatic crime scenes he h ever encounhered. >> crime scene? theaces of the parents, struggling, the tears coming down their s.face the facesre of the cn in the hospital bs will be something i'll carry with me the rest of my life, as will every first responders that was there >>an the charged in the stabbing attack r-30old timmy kinner of dismiss, he recently lived at the artment complex. but had been asked tooaf because of behavioral problems, employs also say kinner had anri extensive cnal record. the vigil will be held tomorrog ni firefighters are battling raging wide receiver in northern california. it's burned more than 22,000
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acres, wind helping to fan those flames, this fire i not yet contained. the good ne no one has been injured. but hundreds of people are leaving their homn nearby ies napa as a precaution. here at home, if you thought today, get s bad ready, temperatures are only that's not what we want to hear. mike will break it down and he dahas a look at the seven- ty at hs we know everyone has different tastes. and this independence day... ...we're making it eas to find your style hurry in to havertys independence day sale. foe st few days, it eas the more you spend, the more you save- up to $1000. how much you save is up toou! with more styles and custom fabrics to cose from. it's furniture that fits you.
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. we got a lot of hea on the way. >> you know what? it could be worse, we talk aboue the differenc between rain and heat. which would you rather see? i think for july 4th i'd rather have the heat. the rain and clouds you can't s >> people are traveling om all over the world in som cases to be here, youon't want to have rain >> you can have an, umbr a hood. >> ar matte of debate i have been >> it's great debate >> ie been thinking about this the last 45 minutes. 4th forecast coming up in a ly
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couple of minutes. here you go. shout outside looking at the monument. what you can'too see lng at this is just how warm iis out there. and it's prey warm. still i the 80's, for many ures spots and if you're not in the, 80's upper 70's and feels like the 80's, it's 82 in dc, 89 is wh it feels like when you factorhu in the dity, other 4 temperatur insb marting, 78 at dulles, 82 in the stevensville, 79 at baltimore, you factor in the due points and the humidity, i think overallllt be warm and muggy but there could be couple of spots that don't drop below 80. high pressure big bermuda high sitting offshore. that continues to pump in a of the heat and humidity. 90's pretty much sure fire bet the nextouple o days feeling like 100 to 105 and because of
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that we've the heat advisory in effect tomorrow noon to 8:0 we'll see actual air temperures getting for a the upper 90'sl making it f hotter. at times tomrow afternoon 105. going through the day tomorrow, into the day tuesday, you can in see the hdex values popping up monday afternoon and afte satellite and radar we sawsi impres showers and storms back out in the midwest. those have fallen apart. next couple of days we're not see a whole lot. along and west of 81, 82 in dc, 87n new york city, 83 in raleigh, a lot of heat across much of the country tonight. much ofountry tomorrow and likewise into tuesday, as bywel wednesday, sitting in 90's, maybe a pop-up shower or storm possible. thursday couple ofrs showend storms out the, highs i the
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low intents, better chance of storms as we head into lfriday, go about 50, 60% rain chances friday, behind that, that's where maybe we cool off a bit a for saturnd sunday but never thought i'd say 87, 86 is over the next coue of tt will look pretty >> lovely 87. >> we should also remind folks if you're cooling down way beer during the 4th of july you got to hydrate with real water too. >> definitely. >> a lot of people will be celebrating this week. coming up, no one expected spain to go homy, this russia had other plans, we'll have all the best aion f today's world cup matches and reaction from around the world next. ♪ ♪ .
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. both matches day camps down to penalty kicks. ♪ . ♪ [cheers d applause] [cheers and applause] . spain took the early and expected lead. but penalty kick particular half time alloweda russio tie up the game,id bothes searching for a winner but after both additional 30 s, that game went to a shoot-out and that's nalties.ssia won 4-3 onpe then there was croatia and
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denmark. edey m to even it up only a few minutes later. then no one would score again t unhe game went into penalty there croatia edged out denmark, here's a look at some of the reaction from around the globe. [cheers and apause] [cheers and applaus
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heers and applaus [cheers and applause] >> bthis. [cheers and applause] >> back after this. here's money for pizza. here's the wi-fi password, but, if you go online whe the boys are online the internet can slow down and... they don't like it. f you guys don't haves? [mrs. jennings] oh-no.
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. last che of th weather before we go. and it's hot >> the heat is here. it's been a hot weekend. thet nex couple days will be really hot, 98 tomorrow, 96 on tuesday, try toimit strenuous
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outdoor activity.k plenty of wat >> "final 5" is next.
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♪ . ♪ . you don't mess wa.h am ♪ . ♪ thanks for joining us. there were pro sts across the country yesterday and a lot of them today, against the white house zero toleran t policy, whicho family celebrations at the border. now, although families caught


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